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Our Guides

The local expert guides we work with are proud to show you the best Colombia has to offer!

Scroll through to learn more about these unforgettable guides, including where they’re from, why they love Colombia and which tours they can offer you Interested in becoming a guide but don’t know where to start?
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Become a guide    About us

Andrés Gómez is a tour guide from Medellín and the Antioquia region as the goal of tourism is that all people have access to it. But Andrés is not a conventional guide, he is interested, he shows him what is known far and wide, what interests him is Colombia. The opportunity to be known in common sense.

Languages: English, Spanish.

Andrés Suárez Bogotano, 27 years old, speaks English, Portuguese and some French is a dynamic person with many experiences to share with foreign visitors regardless of their origin or culture, preferences or personal character as, couples, families and groups, is aware of the cost of travel opportunity, for being right is always willing to take full advantage of the experiences to be had in Bogota and its surroundings; Paloquemao market, graffiti district, museums, walking tours, nightlife, among other activities.

Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French

Byron León, Bogotano, graduated in 2009 as a historian, specialist in Colombian history, developing a special feeling towards the Colombian capital, Bogotá, knows the Andean region of Colombia, which covers a little less than a third of the national territory and concentrates more of half of its population, is passionate about meeting nice and interesting people from different corners of the world, offers the possibility of deepening knowledge in each journey, as these are made different according to travelers their occupations and opinions, considers that Previous tourism is, without a doubt, a very fun and enriching activity.

Languages: English, Spanish

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